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This website is dedicated to all of our dealers for which we greatly appreciate your continued support and dedication retailing Hogue products.

Since 1968, Hogue® has been producing the finest Handgun Grips in the world, along with a growing line of OverMolded™ rifle and shotgun stocks, holsters, grip screws and other great firearm and cutlery products and accessories.

This website is designed to help you, our dealer, to easily find the information you need. Please help us help you by sending us feedback as to what additional information you feel should be made available on this website

For Dealer Eyes Only (password protected information):
Some dealer sensitive material such as our Dealer Price List can only be accessed through password protected areas on this website. Dealers can request access to password protected areas by completeing our Dealer Request Form.

Additionally, under the Dealer Maintenance area, you can request replacement items for your Hogue Dealer Display Package or request updates to your listing information used in our Hogue Dealer Locator on our www.hogueinc.com website.

Hogue products can be ordered through your favorite distributor or you can order directly from Hogue. For general product information, please visit our www.hogueinc.com website.